(formerly McDonnell Douglas Helicopter Systems)

Located in Mesa, Boeing is a high-technology company involved in research, development, engineering and manufacturing of military and light helicopters and ordnance products. Its major markets include domestic and international military organizations and domestic and international helicopter owners and options that include law enforcement, air medical rescue, executive transport, tour options, utility and electronic news gathering.

The company has annual sales of more than $700 million and employs 4,000 people. Boeing is distinguished  as the leading global producer of attack helicopters; the number three producer in the world of commercial light helicopters; the number one producer of medium-caliber ordnance ground vehicle armament base systems and the prime contractor of the largest U.S. Army Science & Technology program.

Boeing is known internationally for its products that include the AH-64A Apache attack helicopter and the upgraded AH-64D Longbow Apache. The company produces the MD 500 Series of light helicopters, including the revolutionary MD 520N, which uses the company's exclusive NOTAR¨ system technology, as well as the MD Explorer and MD 600 Series.

This Mesa-based company, world renown as an innovative developer and manufacturer of military and commercial helicopters, has taken on the challenge of improving product affordability and engineering excellence while maintaining and the utmost levels of safety. To meet and exceed these demands, Boeing has systematic processes in place to involve customers early in product development and to continually include their feedback in the company's quality and business initiatives.

The Boeing key business objectives are: affordable products, good financial returns, market development, and employee enrichment. All strategic plans and metrics are tied back to these four objectives . While cost is one of the key factors in the aerospace environment, the customer continues to demand top quality and responsive service. Long-term strategies for Boeing to maintain its market leadership include the ongoing development of leading-edge technology and maintaining a flexible, well-trained workforce.

Customer Input at the Heart of Improvement
As part of the continuous-improvement cycle, Boeing has four initiatives designed to support customer, competitive analysis, corporate direction and Boeing operational goals and strategies. These activities include the advanced quality system, which is anchored by implementation of ISO 9001, and a closed-loop corrective/preventive action system that uses internal and external data to identify root causes of nonconformances and implementation of corrective actions.

Boeing is an active participant in the U.S. Department of Defense's Commercial Best Practices Laboratory, a government-private team to assist the government in partnering with its suppliers. Boeing's process-based management initiative identifies key business processes and develops measuring and monitoring methodologies. Boeing also has just developed a five-year plan to transition to an environment and culture of self-directed work teams.

Data Drive Results
One of Boeing's many strengths is the company's deep commitment to involving customers in all phases of planning and operation. In addition, the Mesa plant also demonstrates consistent, well-developed approaches for process management through major business areas. The company uses a process management model that provides clear identification of key process elements, process requirements, measurements and control standards. Boeing's supplier management process is predicated upon extensive supplier involvement.

Boeing collects and analyzes extensive types and quantities of data to support its information needs. Corrective action plans are developed and monitored. Boeing places a high level of importance on including information from customers in its analysis efforts.

Another strength at Boeing is the involvement of its leadership and senior executive team in providing an atmosphere that supports and fosters open communication and teamwork. In the area of business results, positive current performance and trends are noted, with very positive results for the Apache program and supplier performance.

For more information contact Vaughn Pirlo, Senior Manager, Quality, Boeing 5000 E. McDowell Rd, Mesa, AZ 85215-9797, or call (480) 891-7052

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